Out of the Blue

Spring is here and so is the March Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest.  This month is a little different, our sponsor is Fairfield World with a mix & match theme.… Read more “Out of the Blue”


I am normally hesitant of custom orders because it doesn’t allow me to do whatever I want and that is kind of my thing. However, this was a lot of fun.  I had the privilege getting to know a fantastic lady who is a opening a day spa in Lincoln.  She needed a big dresser for the makeup area.  I sent her a picture of what I had.


She told me she wanted it white and with big chunky legs.  No Problem.

Ok, legs were kind of a problem on this beast,  but it still happened.  I was going to do a leg tutorial but honestly, it’s kind of easy and you can just look on Pinterest.

I will explain my paint though.  I knew I wanted to use Linen white and a chalk paint so it would sand smooth.  Impress all the ladies relaxing on their well-deserved day out.

So paint, Flat Linen (found at Ace), some kind of plaster or chalk additive, and water.


Microwave a small cup of hot water, will just use a tiny amount.  While that is heating up dish out about 1/3 cup of plaster and add in a little water at a time until you get the consistency of peanut butter.  The good kind of peanut butter, not the natural stuff that you can barely mix.


Perfect. Now mix into paint and stir.  You might need to do this a few times until you get the thickness you want.

Now paint. Dry OVERNIGHT. Then sand away!  I sand the paint strokes away and wax for that nice slick protective coating.  I waxed this one 3 times because makeup was going to be on it daily and I wanted it really easy to clean.


Then there are legs…

We screwed in the required hardware underneath and then waited and waited for these beautiful chunky legs to arrive.  We went with an antique gold look to match the mirror that is going over it.

Spray paint gold. Let dry.


I stopped taking pictures at this point.  Starting seeing red shoot across the baby monitor. Time to just get it done!  Just have to imagine any kind of black antiquing glaze. Brush it on, get in the crevices good, and wipe off.

And it all came together like this….

credenza white

Better yet, go see it in person.  Make an appointment with Eucalyptus Day Spa!


Snow day project!

Snow days are fun and all.  Thirty minutes of bundling children, two minutes of snow fun, and then screaming and entitlement of hot cocoa and treats.  Everyone loves being trapped indoors with their children and spouse all day, especially me.  My husband was excited when I said I had projects I needed to work on.  He thought it was the weeks worth of laundry I have ignored.  However, this happened.

image1 (3)


Here are the steps.


Purple basecoat.

Now the plaster and stencil.  To make the plaster I just make the same consistency as I do when I make my own chalk paint. Get any kind of plaster and mix it with water until you get the consistency of peanut butter.

Next, spray adhesive the back of the stencil and put in place.  Simply smear the plaster of the stencil and let dry for 5 minutes and remove.

Then, I painted what I thought was the top coat. It was too pink, so I made 2 more colors. Only 1 coat for each color because I wanted all the colors to pull through.


Then, I mixed a walnut stain with my wax to make it dark, just using what I could make at home since there is a foot of snow outside.  Wipe the wax on and buff off.  Leaving the final look, that I adore.


Now, that laundry…



I’m Bringing Dinner Back

Disclosure: DecoArt provided me the paint for these pieces, but all opinions are my own!

finaldDinnertime at our house is chaos, not that beautiful chaos those mothers who have it together talk about. Like the real people chaos.  I am very blessed to stay home with my beautiful boys, but when dinner rolls around and everyone is in meltdown mode (myself included), I start to dread it.  So, with this month’s Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest I knew exactly what I wanted for our the “Make a Statement.”  I’m bringing dinner back!  So here’s to you, Deco Art for making family time my happy place again.



I chose white and cream with a show stopper green.  The exact colors are Everlasting (white) and Fortune (green).  Check out their other chalk style decoart_logopaint options.


First thing I always finish on a project is staining. I like it dried and sealed before I paint. It’s easier to clean paint than stain if there are any little ones that come streaking by.  Scrub the petrified ketchup and smashed up berries out of the cracks and sand down if needed. I used a dark gel stain, 3 coats, with a day to dry between coats.  Deco Art has a self-sealing stain , which eliminates putting a finish on it.

FINAL BNow the fun happens.  White and green both have 2 coats of paint on.  Drying time in between was about 15 minutes.  So easy.  I then used a dark brown wax as a sealer on both table and chairs. It really deepens a color and gives it that dimension I was looking for.  The white was a little too dark, so I lightly brushed the same white paint over the top in the bigger areas.  

Staple down the new upholstery make a chair bench if the little ones are insistent.  Two opinionated parents makes quite opinionated children as it turns out. Sew some piping and you get something like this…


Yes, I know the chair on the right is missing an arm.  That’s the mommy chair, best used for impromptu sprinting to the paper towels.

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Hello Yellow

Apricot, by General Finishes, to be exact.IMG_2655

This month I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest.  We all know redoing furniture is my passion.  Something you might not know about me is how much I love competition. Like, I won’t train for a marathon because I know it’s not possible for me to get 1st place.  Kind of ridiculous, but that’s me.           

So, when presented with this challenge, I dove in.  General Finishes is releasing Chalk Style Paint and we received any color for free to review with the theme being, “A Fresh Start”.  Sometimes the furniture inspires you, sometimes it’s the paint.  This time the inspiration was definitely that deep, golden, beautiful yellow…this is my signature color.  They also have a lot of other beautiful colors to choose from. 

I’ve had this dresser for awhile, just waiting to be loved.  Not much prep needs to be done before applying chalkpaint.  It will adhere to almost anything.  However, I had one too many splinters from this dresser so sanding down was a must.


(p.s. motorcycle is for sale)

While I waited for paint to be delivered I decided I wanted to try cutting a mirror for the top.  Surely I could remember what my high school art teacher taught me 15 years ago. It wasn’t a perfect cut, but who wants that?  I also decided plain mirror top was boring me so I made a faux mercury glass.  (Click here to see how I completed this technique.)



The paint arrived at 2:00 and I had two coats on by 2:30.  I waited until the next day to start sanding; it’s best to let it cure overnight.  The paint went on much smoother and with less sanding time than when I make my own chalk paint.  It was thinner than other brands, so I was skeptical.  However, coverage proved to be solid and smooth.  Coverage for yellow paint isn’t always the best, but this proved itself.  I lightly distressed, just enough for a little character. Then glued the mirror and framed around it.  I used liquid nails to glue into place, then hammered a few nails in to secure it.

Then, it was time for sconces.  Electrical. Yuck. But, I so badly wanted these antique chandelier arms to be a part of this dresser.  So here are the steps. (Skip to step 4 if you are a total bad ass.)


Step 1: Call your brother-in-law, the electrician, while you are at the hardware store. 

Step 2: Talk really loud and look extra confused while on the phone with him. There is always an older guy lurking around just waiting to help.  Can you figure it out yourself? Absolutely.  But it makes the lurker feel pretty helpful and it takes a load off.

Step 3:  Look at all the parts for 3-4 days.  Talk about your plans in front of your husband, secretly hoping he does it for you.

Step 4:  Just connect the dang wires. What’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work?  Whatever.

And guess what, it worked.  Husband not necessary.

image1 (2)

Throw it all together…


Tea or whiskey?  I’ll never tell.


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DIY Mercury Glass

I love mercury glass, but I don’t like the cost and I can’t always get it in the size I want.  So, here is what you need. Glass… Read more “DIY Mercury Glass”

Rosie Chair

Another Goodwill redo. I stripped everything off this chair, painted in a Valspar sample-sized peach/pink color.  I distressed with a fine grit sandpaper and stained dark walnut on the top for the antiquing.  After that is dry,  I use a wax sealer and upholster.  I will have an upholstery tutorial soon.

And just like any lady, she probably needs a shoebox to go with.